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The Tanker Tapes, an oral history audiobook by Aaron Elson D-Day Tapes audiobook Normandy The D-Day Tapes Normandy Omaha Beach USS Bayfield firing antiaircraft off Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 Cover of Once Upon a Tank in the Battle of the Bulge an oral history audiobook
The Tanker Tapes
Our Price: $17.95
D-Day and the Bulge
Our Price: $17.95
The D-Day Tapes
Our Price: $17.95
Listen to an excerpt: Sam Cropanese.
11 hours on 11 CDs. Listen to an excerpt: The fog of war.
11 hours on 11 CDs Listen to an excerpt: Ed Boccafogli. Listen to an excerpt: Jim Gifford.
Cover photo of Four Marines an audiobook by Aaron Elson Cover of Tales of Love, Food, Booze, Jumping Out of Airplanes, Meeting General Patton and Winning World War II Sample tracks of World War II Oral History
Four Marines
Our Price: $16.95
Sample Pack
Our Price: $9.95
.  Listen to a sample: Peleliu. 8 hours of themed oral history audio CDs.
Four audio CDs with excerpts from the World War II Oral History collection.