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cd-hamant   A Marine on Tinian: Bob Hamant
pb-medic   A Medic's Story
pb-amile   A Mile in Their Shoes
cd-holiday   A World War II Christmas (and other holidays on the front)
cd-bailout   Bailout Package
cd-booze   Booze and War
pb-hatten   Captured in Hatten
cd-arnold   Company Commander: Arnold Brown, 90th Infantry Division
ab-ddaybulge   D-Day and the Bulge
cd-patton   Encounters With Patton
ab-semper   Four Marines
pb-albee   From the Cavalry to Czechoslovakia: Dale Albee
pb-cadden   John Cadden: A Kassel Mission Interview
pb-daniel   John Danielewicz
cd-vern   Kill or Be Killed: Vern Schmidt
pb-kingkong   King Kong Down: Jim Baynham and J.R. Lemons
cd-love   Love and War
cd-ludwik   Ludwik Kowalski
pb-sweren   Merry Christmas in July
pb-ninelives   Nine Lives: An Oral History
cd-humor   Now That's Funny (Humor in Uniform)
ab-onceupon   Once Upon a Tank in the Battle of the Bulge
cd-religion   Religion and War
cd-sampler   Sample Pack
pb-semper   Semper Four: 4 Marines
ab-lovefood   Tales of Love, Food, Booze, Jumping Out of Airplanes, Meeting General Patton and Winning World War II
pb-tftm   Tanks for the Memories
hb-armor   The Armored Fist: The 712th Tank Battalion in World War II
pb-dday   The D-Day Dozen
ab-ddaytapes   The D-Day Tapes
pb-plants   The Million Dollar Smile: My Story, By Jason Plants
ab-tanker   The Tanker Tapes
pb-ira   The Watch That Went to War
pb-youngkids   They Were All Young Kids: The story of Lt. Jim Flowers and Hill 122
pb-twoguys   Two Guys Talkin' B-24s: Gene Crandall and Floyd Ogilvy
cd-uphill   Uphill Both Ways

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